Tuesday, 4 November 2008


ooooo I am soooo bad it has been forever since i did anything with my blog :o

WOW Where to start?????

I shall away and have a thinkypoos and get back to ya LOL

Saturday, 15 March 2008


Things come in threes for sure and damn if it wasn't a nasty 3.

1 my cooker is broken :( but the birther is helping me get a new one as a very early birthday and christmas pressie.

2 I gone dun broke my ikkle toe :( :( :(

3 I have a new (well since Jan) upstairs neighbour and the soundproofing sucks major ASS :(

On the up side:

I am LOVING my new cover up tattoo :D and I have struck a sweet deal with my tattooist to design a tat for him, and in return he will fix the remaining tattoo I am not happy with for free YAY YAY YAY.

So as of the 11th of April I will be happy with all my current tattoos and I can get planning inking on virgin skin :D :D :D

As for the girlies, they are currently a topic best avoided, purely for my mental health as they are driving me up the fucking walls.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Life is truely wacked out!

Wow it has been a while since I wrote here. But then I find it hard to care right now.

In fact I find it hard to give a shit about much at the moment, life is a cruel bitch at times.

Good things have come into my life and bad things have come into my life, but I find it hard to get the energy together to care one way or another.

I shall write more when I can be bothered.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Been bad!!

Oooo I haz been bad in not keeping my blog up to date. But better late than never I say.

Well life has actually been rather good lately, I had a lovely quiet birthday evening in with friends and got fabulously lovely pressies.

I have come to realise I can't live my life trying to make others around me happy, so I am going to concentrate on making ME happy.

I have dyed my hair and it feels right, I am getting the tattoo to cover up the one I hate with a passion and I am going to wear what I want and feel good in, not what others say I should wear.

I will live my life for me not for others, it has taken me WAY to long to get to this point but I have got here in the end.

Now I just need to break the news to my blood family LMAO, heres hoping I survive that one.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Final cat sit of the year!!!!

WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO today I will be offski to do the final birther's cat sit of the year YAY.

However I will be returning to the birther's on the 30/31st of Dec, as it is the deal I made as I am having my birthday and christmas at my own home. And even worse christmas with my sperm donor *shock horror*.

Yeeeegads where the feck has this year gone?????

On the 29th of December it will be the 2 year anniversary of me getting my current abode :D WOW it has really been that long already???

I will post more when I don't feel like my head is about to explode.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

zero energy!

I feel like someone has literally sucked all the energy out of my body :( Why? I did a family meal thingy today and they always drain every last ounce of my energy outa me.

It was a pleasent enough time, but I really don't like going to them.

But I am keeping my focus on going home again on Wednesday YAY, it may only be for a wekk but that is fine by me.

My girlies are slowly starting to forgive me for their annual trip to the vet on Friday past, and when I say slowly I mean slowly *rolls eyes*

Anyhooooo before my eyeballs dribble out of my head I will toodles.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

progess report!

OK progress report on life at the mad cat house:

Life will shortly be returning to normalish service, my girlies are coming home YAY YAY YAY YAY.

My wetroom should be put back together tomorrow, the issue however is FAR from sorted *rolls eyes* in that I have no idea when or how long the actual problem will take to sort.

Had a truely shit day yesterday :(
Having gone to the local shop (a 5 minute walk for a "normal" person) to get a few wee things as I was standing at the till I passed out *shock*, this of course FREAKED my support worker and everyone in the shop out. Having spent 10 minutes persuading people not to phone an ambulance and that I just needed to go home, my support worker called a taxi to take me the 5 minutes up the road and stayed until I was feeling better.

I was so embarassed, how can I at 27 not be able to make it to my local shops and back without SOMETHING happening???????

I know why I passed out: pain. My bodies reaction to pain is to raise my tempature sky high, sweat pours off me and I get all dizzy, unfortunatly this time my body went that bit too far with it's reaction to the pain.

Today my knees look like footbalss, I can barely walk and am so freaking tired it ain't funny :(